Wedding Ideas- Welcome Table

Good afternoon,

So I have just completed a wedding and will share some things with you that we did that might help you. The color scheme of the wedding is Black and Champagne.

So when the guests arrive…. are you thinking about what they will see?


(I took a snap shot of this as we where creating the guest table or welcoming table for privacy of the members attending.)

We had white linens on the tables, with this beautiful champagne sequin runner on it. I used a cute chalkboard easel that welcomed guests and gave them further information. We found letters at a craft store and spray painted those in black and attached them on a wooden board. We also used beautiful flower arrangements in the back ground to complete the look.

Guest Book: Instead of using a book for them to sign, we used wooden pogs, black sharpie markers, and a shadow box found at our local craft store.  The guests signed the wooden pogs and dropped them in. (more on this coming)

Table Assignments: Instead of making individual place cards we decided to use the easels for table assignments. So that the guests could find which table they were at for dinner.



  • I started with black paper using the framelit that was decorative and the big shot and cut those out. Tip: You might try using a dryer sheet or wax paper on your framelit and run it through first before paper so that the paper comes off easier from the framelit. 
  • I  then typed table numbers & names in MDS (My digital studio from Stampin’ Up) on shimmery white paper and cut those out.
  • Adhered the white on to the black with glue or glue dots.
  • To make set up easier… I hot glued the back of the black paper to the easel. This way they wouldn’t fall off and I could set them all up pretty quickly and stored them nicely in a small tote.



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